About BitBot

BitBot is a small team of people with simple goal to make technology work for people. We have come a long way from QBasic and times where computers were something that only geeks use, currently we are in age of mobile and connecting it all together. Our vision is to go step further and make technology simple, fast, intuitive and in exchange giving more precious time to enjoy the important things in life.

Our bots that make the bits

  • Bojan PolanecWorks with mobile technologies and java. Likes to spend hours playing with new technologies and solving problems which cause headaches. Once all is done there is business to take care of.
  • Jennifer F. RubioOur graphical designer which makes pixels come to life. Do not be suprised if you get couple extra graphical revisions and having hard time to pick the best.
  • Danijel ŠkvorcVersatile programmer which loves simple text editors to show off his typing skills. Manuals proofing and making everything understandable by humans makes him happy.